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Until spring 2016 the task of maintaining a list of Writing Studies Majors was taken up by the CCCC Committee on the Major in Writing and Rhetoric. With the termination of that committee, the list is at risk of being lost. We are at work on a searchable self-reported database and looking for a home. In the meantime, the most recent excel spreadsheet (listing 145 majors) may be accessed below. Please email me (sjamieson@drew.edu) or comment below if you have a major we need to add!

writing_majors-dec2017-146majors (downloadable Excel spreadsheet)

An older and out of date, but much more detailed list created in 2007 an be access here:


Below are tables based on the 135 majors on the list in 2015. These were presented at the Inaugural Conference of the Association of Rhetoric & Writing Studies (October 13-14, 2016 | El Paso, Texas), and the Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association (January 5, 2017 | Philadelphia).




Link to the IPEDs CIP codes for “Rhetoric and Composition” majors. If you graduate majors in any kind of writing, please make sure your institution is reporting them using the most appropriate CIP code (ask your Registrar or IR who the key holder is).

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